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Thaer Suleiman, MSBM Advisory Board Member

March 4, 2022

Thaer M Suleiman is a serial entrepreneur, a business leader par excellence and a financial inclusion cum digitisation enthusiast.  He holds a master’s degree in business administration from the prestigious Northampton University in the UK with a focus on International Business.

Suleiman started his leadership journey when he co-founded Atrab East, a wholesale and retail platform for fashion items and accessories in 2004. Atrab East operates in Egypt, Jordan, the USA and Europe. He was in charge of operations as the CEO from 2004 until 2010.

Upon leaving Atrab East in 2010, Suleiman joined CASHU; one of the largest and best fintech companies in the MENA region, which provides e-wallet services to customers. He joined the firm first as the Director of Strategy and Business Development, then later moving upwards to become the General Manager and Chief Executive Officer respectively.

In his position as the CEO of CASHU, Suleiman was responsible for driving the company’s strategic planning, business, product development, as well as the development of CASHU’s online payment and mobile payment platforms. It was also under his stewardship that the company pivoted to focus on cashless banking solutions accessible to everyone in the MENA region.

Suleiman also did more than spearheading the creation of innovative solutions and products at CASHU, he revolutionised the company’s culture by building it to become a futuristic and optimistic firm that thrives on speed and agility. He brought in like-minded people whose efforts drove the success of CASHU to unprecedented heights.

Suleiman has driven high-level digital transformation that led to the massive adoption of CASHU solutions.

In between his time at CASHU, Suleiman served as the Director of Strategy and Development at Amazon Payment Services in the UAE between 2013 and 2014, helping the company consolidate its presence in the UAE and the MENA region.

Currently, he is the founder and chairperson of KASBEE Holdings an investment company with specialisation in growing FinTech, E-commerce, and Information Technology start-ups across the MENA region.  He is actively involved in driving the company’s strategic planning, business and product development in FinTech. With KASBEE Suleiman continues to lead the FinTech scene in the MENA region towards financial inclusion and digital transformation.

KASBEE Holding Ltd. was founded in 2016 and it holds a number of known companies specialized in FinTech, E-commerce and Information Technology, determining to dominate the FinTech scene in the MENA region, moving it towards financial inclusion and digital transformation by investing heavily in this field and acquiring and partnering with other companies of the same DNA who share a similar vision.

Under Suleiman’s leadership, KASBEE has been able to kickstart four financial solutions including:

GOcardi - An online store for digital goods popularly considered one of the first and largest online stores in the MENA region. GOcardi offers consumers the convenience and the instant delivery of digital items, in a world that is craving for rapid services.

Kasbee.com - Founded to supply wholesalers and merchants in the Middle East with all that they need from digital prepaid cards varying from local to international cards.

SCARDU - An innovative solution designed to serve online merchants with a seamless payment method.

Pixel - Specialised in providing technology solutions to other businesses, including the white-labelled e-wallet, white-labelled digital store and others.

Suleiman has recently joined the advisory board of the Metropolitan School of Business, UK (MSBM UK) and is poised to share his wealth of innovative experience and technology expertise with the MSBM Advisory Board, as the business school continues to focus on bringing quality British education to hundreds of thousands of students in Asia, Middle East and African (AMEA) region.